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 Summer Boot Camp

Every summer, just before the school year begins, we meet in August.

Day One

The newly accepted Year one meet on campus to get to know each other.

They are told to bring their running shoes. For they go on a mental and physical treasure hunt! The learn about perspective and communication and trivia about Canyon Crest Academy.

Day Two

We all travel to Balboa Park. 

This is when the Year 1 students meet the rest of the Conservatory. Everyone has read one thematic book over the summer. Each year is assigned a different title. Having written a short essay and recently having brought a visual representation of the theme of their reading, we then meet in three equally balanced groups and discuss the books they read and how they connect and how this might define the year ahead. 

Then at the end of the day, the Year 1's are officially inducted into the Conservatory when they receive thier Conservatory patch that they will wear for the next three years.


 The Communication Perspective activity


We told you to bring running shoes!

The winners get a ride back!

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