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Humanities Conservatory of 2019-2020


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                                 “Philosophy is but sophisticated poetry.”   Michel de Montaigne

Envision Conservatory for the Humanities provides instruction in research techniques and an introduction to the following four humanities principles: philosophy, civics, theology, and ethics.

The Envision Conservatory for the Humanities is a three year application based after school program. We meet from 3:15-5:15 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Through our interdisciplinary, collaborative process, the culminating purpose of the Conservatory for the Humanities will be to produce students with the skills necessary for 21st century world citizens. Students preparing for careers in research, writing, the arts, education, business, law and government will best prepared through participation in this Conservatory.

Timothy Stiven FRSA
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Zachary Brown
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Guest Scholars 
Amanda Melkonian
 Dr. Betsy O'Neil Ph.d

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THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 6 @ 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

From an idea to redesign the San Diego children's zoo to entertaining young kids looking out the window without anything to read. From San Diego to Panama to the Pacific Northwest, Spirit Skies is fully fledged.

We are inviting every student that played a roll in the project, some who have graduated from college! This is a celebration of the collaboration of Envision Humanities and Visual Arts and out sister school in Panama. A lifelong thanks to everyone's dedication to Jasper, hummingbirds and to all who seek to protect all who live along the Pacific Flyway from Alaska to San Diego to Panama!

This will be the launch party. It also be filmed as part of our second San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel. All those who are interested will be interviewed as a part of the panel.

At some point we will then all make a pilgrimage to our hummingbird garden next to the Natural History Museum.

Jasper and the Spirt Skies Vol. 1 is available for Presale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!



Look out for our San Diego Comic-Con@ Home virtual panel as we present

"Spirit Skies: Launch Party" sometime July 23-25 2021.


 Watch it live or wait for it on SDCC's YouTube Channel

SPSKCC_Promo (1).png

Are you a high school student with dreams of becoming a graphic novelist? Are you a high school teacher with dreams of creating a graphic novel with your class? Spirit Skies is a graphic novel written and illustrated exclusively by high school students! Not only did we dream it, we DID it! The panel will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on cross cultural artistic exchange, how technology has made this project easier and more dynamic! The student panel of writers and illustrators - including a Guna native from Panama who wrote the sequel from the tropical point of view- will be on the panel, featuring never-before-seen art, and a sneak peek at the next volume in the Spirit Skies story! The panel will take you on an exploratory journey - through the eyes of a Hummingbird! Spirit Skies is not just an adventure written by high school students - it is a lesson in environmental stewardship. With the lesson that we are all interconnected, all you have to do is go outside and you will be interacting with wildlife. It could be a hummingbird coming from Panama or Alaska!


Panel Names: Timothy Stiven—coordinator—educator

John Aste—Student Cohost, editor (12th)

Frances Chai- Student Cohost, Editor (12th)

Artists: Student Michaela Chang (12th)

Writers: Giovanna Agrazal (Panama) Sarah Golts (12th)

Outreach:  Josh Charat-Collins (11th), Mohana Enugurthi (11th)

Publication: Izzy Ster, (12th)