So, what do we do in Humanities?

The purpose of Humanities Conservatory is to develop foundational skills for advanced scholarship in the Humanities.

Students focus on mastering of research methodology and introductory consideration of the four core humanities disciplines:

  • philosophy,

  • theology,

  • civics,

  • and ethics.


Students are expected to master research techniques and modalities and demonstrate learning through one thematic multi year project for each discipline for publication and implementation outside the classroom.

This short film, The Heart of the Matter is from The Academy of Arts and Sciences.

It perfectly expresses the mission statement of our Conservatory. 

The Levels of the Conservatory

Year One:
  • Builds a preparatory intellectual framework for interdisciplinary collaboration with the Envision Arts Conservatories.

  • Completes and submits to competition a research paper of the member's own design.

Year Two:
  • Begins to integrate their research with fellow Conservatory students in the Envision Program here at Canyon Crest Academy.

Year Three:
  • Continue their collaboration and prepare their findings for publication or performance.

Through this interdisciplinary, collaborative process, the culminating purpose of the Conservatory will be to produce students with the skills necessary for a 21st century world citizen.

Students in this conservatory are preparing and gaining skills for careers in:​



The Arts




International Relations



When do we do it?

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