Envision the Arts at Canyon Crest Academy Collaborations 2014-Present

1. Theology in Motion                            2014            (Humanities and Dance)

2. EDDA                                             2015            (Humanities, Dance, Arts and Vocaal)

3. Discord                                           2016            (Humanities, Instrumental, and Arts)

4. Talisman                                         2017           (Humanities, Arts, Vocal, Dance and Instrumental)

5. Arabian Nights 24 Hour Reading         2019           (Humanities, Arts, Vocal, Dance and Instrumental)

6. MythFest                                         2020           (Every Envision Conservatory) 

1. Theology in Motion

Our first collaboration between Envision Humanities and Dance Conservatories


Theology in Motion is a symposium on the unifying elements of sacred dance. The Humanities students researched Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Polynesian dances in which love was a unifying theme. Humanities then met with the dancers and have been collaborating on the choreography. The choreography is solely the work of these students in their inquiry into religious practice through the elements of dance. Come celebrate Valentine’s Day early! Theology in Motion: All you need is love,

2. EDDA: A Voyage into Viking History, Ancient and Modern Poetry, Music and Dance.

A collaboration between the Art, Humanities, Vocal and Dance Conservatories. 2015 

3. Discord: An exploration of Politics in America  2016

A collaboration between Vocal, Humanities, and Instrumental Conservatories.


4. Talisman: An exploration of the power of symbols real of imagined.


A Collaboration between Dance, Vocal, Instrumental and Humanities 


5. Arabian Nights: A full on stop continuous 26 hour reading of the entire story. 


And we are finished 26 hours later!

De Gaulle and Eisenhower at Casablanca 1943 on top of the same rug every reader spoke under Arabian Nights,

6. MythFest A Collaboration between Dance, Arts,Instrumental, Cinema, Theater/Tech and Humanities Conservatories.                2020

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Created by Mr. Stiven and students of the Envision Conservatory for the Humanities 2013-2021

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