Previous Years Completed Projects 2014-2019

1. Biomimicry: Building a Green Wall 2015

Inspired by Biomimicry inventor Jay Harman. Conservatory built a green wall for its Canyon Crest Academy campus. Unfortunately the School District would not support its final installation or irrigation.

2. Earl Warren Middle School LEED Redesign Proposal 


In an continuation of the Biomimicry theme. Earl Warren MIddle School was torn down and rebuilt to modern standards. Humanities students researched LEED specification and presented to the Administration for four innovation and they resulting cost saving for becoming environmentally friendly. They accepted two of our four proposals. We then took those proposals and asked that they be applied to CCA's own B Building that was built in 2016-17.

3. Northern Uganda Medical Mission Medical information Distribution Project

We connected with a NGO out of UCLA to design medical information pamphlets and to share art from the Envision Day classes that were sent to the Mission in Northern Uganda.

4. Los Angeles Theater Works "Romeo and Juliet" 

Digital Curriculum Design 2014-2015


40th Anniversary Gala Presentation in Beverly Hills, CA 2015

We were asked by the founder of Los Angles Theater Works Susan Lowenberg to design a unit curriculum for thier digital radio play "Romeo and Juliet" starring Calista Flockhart. We designed a two week unit covering a 4 required currluvclum design specifications of Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking and Communication. 

We presented our Romeo and Juliet at the LATW 40th Anniversary at the Beverly Hill Hilton. Co hosts were Ed Asner and Jane Fonda. In the audience were two Governors of California, the mayor of Los Angeles and a crowd of 500. We were introduced by Susan Sullivan.

5. Participation in MIT INSPIRE National High School Research Competition on the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences National Finals at MIT, Cambridge,MA 2015-2017

A former CCA graduate Vaishnavi Rao started a Humanities competition at MIT. In a blind judge competition, Envision Conservatory for the Humanities sent over 30 students to MIT for the National Finals. Only 100 papers were selected each year. And Coordinator Zac Brown and Conservatory Scholar Amada Melkonian were on separate occasions picked at the Athena Award winner for best mentor. 

6. Debate Deconstructed October, 2016 

Humanities held a live viewing of the last Presidential debate by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump. After the debate there was a professional discussion with the Chairs of both the Democratic and Republican Parties of San Diego and Professors of Political Science, History and Communication.

Then questions were taken from the audience. 


Quote of the evening from the Communications Professor 

"This will be the first election that emotion will be more important than policy in the outcome of the election. 

7. Dedicated Left. 2014-2017.


After the opening of the Pacific Highland Ranch Village in 2014, the students were crossing the road while the cars turned into the crowd. It took the dedication of Aaron Tanaka to convince the City Council, Local Neighborhood Council, Congressman and ultimately the Department of Streets and Sewers to install the dedicated left turn signal in front of Canyon Crest Academy, with no loss of life

8. STEManties National Research Competition created by Humanities students 2018

After they graduated, they took their project and continued at University  as an independent event 2019-present.

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