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"Giant stories from little letters." -my smart tablemates who came up with this smart quote

Writing can be an art of self-loathing. Writers obsess over a piece, over a chapter, over a sentence for days to refine it so that every part is perfect. That is why part of writing is learning how to let go. To be okay with imperfection and to know that there always could be another draft drafted and another change made. But once you're able to fall in love with a story, because of or in spite of the small mistakes, writing becomes slightly easier.

Would you like to try?

Write Like Giants invited anyone willing to jump into the unknown and write. Formed as a traditional writers circle similar to the Algonquin round table, WLG meets to listen to each others stories, edit, suggest and inspire the others to write further, write deeper and thus write truth to ideas.

The Circle or coven is you like, will have much to share in the coming months!
Here is just a taste.
Click on the Button to read Chapter 1 of "The Cynic" by Annie Wang

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