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Under the tutelage of our Resident Fellow for Research Scholarship Mrs. Amanda Melkonian has tutored every year one Humanities Member since 2014.  Every Year One student must complete a university level research essay. 
Normally, the Year Ones would present their findings Humanities Fair, which is held at e CCA Learning Commons.

This year, they were asked to present remotely.

In alphabetical order, here are
 the 2019-2020 Year One Research Essays.

1. "Gamification of Education: What works,
and what does "work even mean?" by Josh Charat-Collins

                                                                             2. "How the survival of music theory prevails in
                                                                                society?  by Mohana Enugurthi

3. "What is Nudge Theory?" by Sarah Golts.

                                                                 4. "The Economics of a Movement" by Richard Gomez

5. "Podcast's Place in a Dynamic Learning
Environment" by Andrew Gu

                                                                            6.   "Smart Scales: Can they be used to help the
                                                                                  growing epidemic of obesity?"
                                                                                 by Kaley Mafong

 7. "The History of Electrocunvulsive Therapy"
by Giuletta Randell                                         
                                                                     8.  "Altered Images of people: Visual Media and                                                                                  Body Image" by Lele Zhang

  9. "Heart or Mind: An Ethical study of choosing family
on Medical Surrogates" by April Zuo


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