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What is ECHphrasis?

ECHphrasis is the Conservatory's take on a literary technique known as Ekphrasis, in which a work of art is described or interpreted through writing.

Every year, Conservatory students study both works of art and poetry, and eventually produce their own ekphrastic poems.

In normal times, these poems would have been presented through a reading or collaboration with another envision conservatory during the annual CCA Pageant of the Ravens. This year, some students submitted their written work, and/or recorded readings of their original poetry, both of which may be accessed below.


A recording of Kaitlyn Wang reading her poem

The text of the poem is linked below.

A recording of Isabelle Ster reading her poem, titled "for the nighthawk" which is based of off the piece "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper

The text of the poem is linked below

Sarina Hegli
00:00 / 02:10

A recording of Sarina Hegli reading her poem, titled "Countermoves and Countercountermoves (or Napoleon I has apprised Joséphine of their Impending Divorce)," inspired by the art piece "Divorce Collage," by Various Artists, which is shown above.

Sami Rana
00:00 / 00:51

A recording of Sami Rana reading her poem inspired by the art piece which is shown above.

A recording of Kaley Mafong reading her "Series of Haikus", inspired by the art piece "Mirror Lake" by Franklin Carmichael.

A recording of Sarah Golts reading her poem, titled "Exploration of the Desert Sea" inspired by the art piece "Elseworld" by James White.

Joshua Charat-Collins
00:00 / 01:17

A recording of Joshua Charat-Collins reading his poem entitled "A Deep Blue Potential" based on the artwork titled "Enter the Infinite".

 A recording by John Aste reading his poem inspired by "Untitled Pantoum" Cy Twomby 
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